The idea of the M&S COE got underway in the premises of the creation of the Italian Joint Modelling & Simulation Centre, established in January 2008 and born to implement and develop the federation of the various military Services M&S centres existing on the Italian territory.

The Italian Chief Of Defence asked to candidate the Italian Centre as NATO COE and officially offered it to NATO Nations and Partners in October 2008, while the HQ SACT accreditation procedure formally started in July 2009.

After a thick dedicated process, the M&S COE was accredited as a NATO COE by the NATO Military Committee in April 2012 and activated as an International Military Organization by the North Atlantic Council in the following July. The membership of the Centre is made up with Italy (FrameworkNation), Czech Republic, Germany and United States Of America (Sponsoring Nations).

Other than the implementation of the so called “NATO COEs Pillars” (Education & Training, Analysis & Lessons Learned, Concept Development & Experimentation, Doctrine Development & Standards), the collaboration with academia and industry is a fundamental theme that HQ SACT in particular strived to develop, with the objective of enabling collaborative work with those entities to leverage the expertise that each community can bring to the transformational efforts.