Call for Papers

Participants are encouraged to provide presentations on the CAX related topics, including but not limited to the following:

a. Technical

  • Experiences and Lessons Learned by Nations and NATO bodies,
  • Simulation and models: approaches, architectures, algorithms and systems,
  • Modelling combined, joint and expeditionary operations, and irregular warfare,
  • Collaboration, service discovery and data sharing techniques and systems,
  • Auxiliary software for military modelling and simulations,
  • Command and control (C2) systems, operational planning process (OPP) tools and their interactions with CAX tools,
  • Gateways between C2 and Simulation,
  • Standards,
  • CIS requirements, architectures, and security,
  • Exercise support tools.

b. Operating procedures

  •  Experiences and Lessons learned  by nations and NATO bodies,
  •  Organizational challenges in CAXs,
  •  CAX Planning Process,
  •  Collaboration, service discovery, and data sharing procedures,
  •  CAX support tools exploitation,
  •  Multi-level and cross-level distributed exercises,
  •  Experimentation.

Commercial organizations directly involved in supporting simulation centres and activities are also encouraged to propose presentations and demonstrations. In this connection, dedicated booths will also be available for the demonstrations of CAX and simulation related products.
The program will be further consolidated during the months until the beginning of September.

A form for the proposal of presentations or demonstrations is attached at Annex A; it should be forwarded to the M&S COE Points of Contact (POCs) for the Forum via E-mail before August 31st, 2017.

For further information please contact the NATO MSCOE  at