The Chairman of the NATO Military Committee (CMC) visited the NATO M&S COE

On October 12th , 2016 General Petr PAVEL, Chairman of the NATO’s  Military Committee (CMC) honored the NATO Modelling & Simulation Centre of Excellence (M&S COE) in Rome with an official visit and received a presentation from the NATO M&S COE.

General PAVEL is the head of NATO’s senior military decision-making authority, which includes the two strategic commanders -Supreme Allied Commander Operations (SACEUR) and Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT).

General PAVEL was welcomed by the Major General (IT Army) Angelo PALMIERI, Mod Joint Staff – Division Head of C4I Transformation and Cpt. (IT Navy) Vincenzo MILANO,  the NATO M&S COE Director, and by the NATO M&S COE staff. The NATO M&S COE Director led the presentation with special focus on the current and future  M&S COE activities.

General PAVEL, who stated he has worked in the past to use technology to improve capability, was very interested in the NATO M&S COE’s involvement in CWIX as the M&S Focus Area leader and its engagement with the NATO Urbanisation Project activities in 2015 and 2016. GEN PAVEL was engaged on the topics of Education and Training and Concept Development and Experimentation projects associated with Autonomous Systems, items that seamlessly synchronize with NATO ACT’s objectives. Additional discussion included GEN PAVEL promoting the addition of more Sponsoring Nations in the NATO M&S COE and discussing the idea of Modelling and Simulation as a NATO Discipline.