NATO M&S COE welcomed SACT ACOS CEI, Brigadier General Henrik SOMMER

On 28 October 2016, the SACT ACOS CEI, Brigadier General Henrik SOMMER, newly visited the NATO Modelling & Simulation Centre of Excellence (NATO M&S COE) in Rome, welcomed by the Director of the Centre, Capt (N) Vincenzo MILANO, and his staff. Brigadier General SOMMER expressed particular interest in the involvement of the Centre in the NATO Urbanisation Project (UP) Wargame 2016, for the conduct of which the Centre has developed a three-dimensional model of a hypothetical littoral metropolis representing the scenario for the wargame activity, in similarity to the experimental event held in 2015. Brigadier General SOMMER showed appreciation for the work done in close collaboration with the HQ SACT staff, especially emphasizing the importance of a possible re-use of the model in the national spheres of NATO countries for instructional purposes and for the development of concepts related to the theme of urbanisation.