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Welcome to the NATO HLA Certification Process

Status of the Program: Initial Operational Capability (IOC)*

Integration of distributed simulations and tools into interoperable federations of systems is a complex and time-consuming task, requiring extensive testing of individual components, interfaces, and an integrated solution. To support this task NATO relies on the High Level Architecture (HLA) standard.

On this webpage you find all information about the program, including roles and concepts as well as essential documents.

You can download the Integration, Verification and Certification Tool (IVCT) to test your own developments or prototypes against the HLA standard.

The customer can start the certification process for their System-under-Test (SuT) here and earn capability badges. During IOC this process is for free for the customer.

*The IOC will create the conditions for establishing the processes and procedures, and gaining broad audience acceptance. Final Operational Capability (FOC) is planned for 2020. More….