Ms Monica SHEPHARD, Vice Director for Joint Force Development US J7 (Pentagon) visits NATO M&S COE

On April 5th , 2017 Ms Monica SHEPHARD, US Vice Director for Joint Force Development J7, honored the NATO Modelling & Simulation Centre of Excellence (M&S COE) in Rome with an official visit and received a presentation from the NATO M&S COE.

Ms SHEPHARD was welcomed by Major General (IT Army) Angelo PALMIERI, Mod Joint Staff – Division Head of C4I Transformation, Brigadier General (ITA AF) Francesco VESTITO, head of the newly formed Joint Cyber Operations Command, Brigadier General (ITA A) Arturo NITTI and Cpt. (IT Navy) Vincenzo MILANO,  the NATO M&S COE Director, and by the NATO M&S COE staff. The NATO M&S COE Director led the presentation with a special focus on current and future M&S COE activities.

Although this was her first visit to the NATO M&S COE, Ms SHEPHARD has been a proponent and friend of the COE from the time it was initially proposed by the Italian Ministry of Defense. During her visit, she was very interested in the work the centre is doing to advance modelling and simulation in NATO and its Nations.

Ms SHEPHARD’s  background includes work in the modelling and simulation field, to include developing algorithms for various models, simulations and control mechanisms, and she remained fully engaged throughout the presentation. Ms SHEPHARD was particularly interested in the NATO M&S COE’s involvement in CWIX as the M&S Focus Area leader and its engagement with the NATO Urbanisation Project activities in 2015, 2016 and future.

Ms SHEPHARD was also briefed on projects the centre has and is working on in Autonomous Systems; Education and Training; and Concept Development and Experimentation. In addition to what she learned about the centre, Ms. Shephard shared some of the experiences she has gained through her time in both the modelling and simulation field and in her current position.