NATO M&S Basic Course

Starts: 21 November 2017 - Ends: 24 November 2017

Published: 25 January 2017

The NATO Modelling & Simulation Centre of Excellence will organize and conduct the 6th edition of the NATO M&S Basic Course from 21 to 24 November 2017. The course objective is to deliver basic knowledge about the M&S use in the military context. The course has been accredited by NATO Joint Force Trainer as “NATO Selected”.

Before joining the NATO M&S Basic Course, it is recommended to attend the ADL 211 M&S Cadet Course (available through the NATO e-Learning portal:


Course Invitation Letter
Personnel Administration Form (PAF)
Admin Instructions
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Below the Agenda of the Course:


Admin and logistic information
Introduction into M&S
M&S applications in military
Statistics, Probability, Randomness for M&S
Model Development and use case
M&S in support of training 
Interoperability/Distributed simulation
M&S in Concept Development & Experimentation
Verification, Validation and Accreditation
M&S in support of Decision Making
Trends in M&S