NATO Exercise Support, M&S Integration Specialist and JCATS Course

Starts: 19 March 2018 - Ends: 23 March 2018

Published: 12 December 2017

The NATO Modelling & Simulation Centre of Excellence (NATO M&S COE) and the NATO Joint Force Training Centre (NATO JFTC), organize and conduct the 2st edition of the above mentioned Course, from 19 March to 23 March 2018, at the M&S COE premises in Rome.

The course is addressed to trained simulation practitioners from NATO and National Training Centers of NATO and PfP Nations, in possess of basic skills in JCATS.

The aim of the Course is to provide an advanced knowledge package, focused on constructive simulation system used for training below the joint operational level in NATO, and on the way to federate simulation systems for the benefit of training objective.